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who am i? chapters one - three

ok this is my first time blogging and my first story i've  ever written.
enjoy and feedback is always welcomed

`Robert time to wake up now’
Someone is calling me, someone but who? I could hear nothing but silence, no cars no birds nothing!
I can feel a breeze blow across my face and someone holding my wrist, two fingers on the inside and what must be the thumb on the other, I open my eyes slowly, the natural sunlight stung my eyes a little but I can still see.
I was in a small white and pale green room, a TV above the bed on the wall facing me a door to the right of it, I can see the sink through the door, bathroom! Where the hell am I?
`Oh hello Mr.thero or can I call you Robert?’
Of course a nurse! Duh!
A very pleasant looking lady about late twenties, brown hair up in a high pony tail, a build that I class as medium wearing pink scrubs, she smiled a friendly smile, a smile that would put any one at ease.
` Whaaa’
`don’t talk yet Mr.thero lets gets some water in you and we try again take your time, I will explain everything that has happened, but you are safe and in good health.’
Mmmmm something tells me that I shouldn’t be.
She starts pushing buttons on the side on the bed and it starts moving pushing me to the upright position.
I can see more of the room now, behind my nameless nurse was a window I could a green field and what looks like an outline of a city, I couldn’t tell which one.
I start checking I have everything in the right places arms feet etc yep everything there pheww!
`Mr.thero my name is Stacey; you have been here now... oh, um, gosh 8 weeks now!’
8 weeks??? What the hell! What happened? I’m franticly thinking of the possibilities and you know something I remember nothing and I don’t mean nothing of an accident I mean nothing don’t know if I have mother father sister wife friends co-workers, hell kids even! Nothing!! I’m not sure that Robert thero is my name!! What the hell! I’m looking for the nurse now I need answers she must know who am i??
I see her by a trolley, she’s pouring water in a beaker and walks back to me, she pulls out a straw from her pocket and puts it in the drink and puts the tip of the straw to my mouth, I start sucking on the straw, it might have been just water but by god it was wonderful! Cold and wet! I was so thirsty I couldn’t stop.
`ok Mr.thero, let’s take things slowly shall we, I rather you weren’t sick on your first day back with us’
She chuckles a little and I couldn’t help it so did I, it’s her smile very infectious.
She puts the beaker down on a small table next to my bed and sits on the edge on the bed in hands reach of me.
`Ok so you came to us 8 weeks ago in emergency with a broken leg and a rather nasty open wound to your neck and what looked like teeth marks on your wrists.’
` Why? What happened? Where am i? I... I....’
`Its ok it’s ok, calm yourself, you’re in community general hospital in Detroit and... you really don’t know?
`No! I don’t know anything, nothing’
` It’s ok if you don’t remember what happened, it can happen but it might come back to you in...’
`I mean I don’t know ANYTHING!! I don’t remember anything about anything! Who am I?’
`Oh umm, well I think I best get a doctor to come and see you, amnesia is common in your case,
Just relax while I go get a doctor’
She ups and a basically runs for the door, great not even she knows who I am.
All I could do was stare out the window in to the green mass. Nothing would come to me other than the thought that I’m alone.  I feel the need to wee. I start to get up, a bit to fast for my liking. I quickly learnt I don’t like being dizzy!  Bloody hell I’m thirsty did they not give me any IV drips whilst I was under? Feel like I can drink a lake dry! Toilet then drink! That’s best.
Before I had chance to even think of moving out of the bed Stacey comes back in.
‘And where do you think you’re going Mr.thero?
‘Um bathroom?’
‘Oh um you have a cathitor in. Let me remove it and take from there, doctor is with another patient and shouldn’t be too long’ Stacey helped me to the bathroom and advice I sit rather than stand, she left me to my business and went to see what’s keeping the doctor, if she thinks I’m waiting for her to come back tough luck.
 I wash my hands and looked straight in to the mirror wow not bad looking if I don’t say so myself! Clearly I need a hair cut! Slightly long brown hair, green eyes, a tight square jaw line and a nice body! Go me! Pecks to flex!
I couldn’t help myself but I stared at my neck looking for the scars, but nothing on either side? Did she have the right patient? Because sweetheart there’s nothing there! I checked my wrists nothing and doesn’t a broken leg take more than 8 weeks to heal? Mmmmm some new treatment they used? At that moment a Sharpe pain down my throat no not a pain as such like a burning feeling and my stomach growls. I walk back to out to the main room and go for my beaker, everything in the room looks so clear, I poor myself another drink and couldn’t help myself but downed the water as fast as I could. As soon as I finished the cup of water I knew it was a big mistake, Ohh this doesn’t feel good? Shit its coming back up!  I just made it to the toilet and brought it all back up, I was warned!
`Mr.thero my name is dr.marcus, how are we... Mr.thero?
`In here!’   Nurse Stacey comes over to help me back to my bed. At the foot of the bed was a tall, lean built smartly dressed man, complete with grey hair and gold framed glasses sitting on the end of his nose flicking through a flip chart.
No sooner had I got myself back in to bed he wanted me to get out and start testing my leg and checking other vitals.
`So Mr.thero apart from the loss of memory how are you feeling?’ he’s touching my glands and staring in to my eyes.
`Well apart from being sick just before you came in I’m great! I feel like I’ve just taken a power nap!’ truth be told I felt like a was bursting with energy
`Ok well that’s good because you took a long power nap, ok Stacey says you don’t remember anything about your life at all, is that correct?’
`Yes nothing! Not even my favourite colour!’
Dr.marcus is now deep in thought, `some thing we have considered Mr.thero, your coma was not medically induced but there was  no head injuries at the time of your admittance, ER doctors think you might have hit your end at some point. So basically memory loss is expected but it will take time for that to come back, how much time we can’t say, a week two or a month perhaps.... longer in short Mr.thero we just don’t know. So you been sick?’ there was no emotion in his voice, just doing his job sort of tone.
`yes well I did drink a cup of water a little too fast’ I said sheepishly looking at Nurse Stacey, she looked like she wanted to laugh but kept it under wraps
`yes well that would happen you need to take your time with this, we don’t know how long it will take for your memory to come back but it will in time I’m sure of it but until them Mr.thero I’m ordering some tests to make sure nothing is wrong’ he turns away to write some notes but over his shoulder he continues talking to me` once I’m happy you’re in perfectly working order we can release you, I will inform social care, they will visit and get all the help and support you need’
And with that he was gone, yeah cheers doc! Still no answers!

Chapter 2
I spent another 2 weeks in hospital having tests, talking to so many doctors but no one could tell me about my incident or why I healed so quickly and not one doctor could tell me why I have no memory of anything and if it would return. After two weeks of being poked and prodded a rehabilitation team was assigned to me to help me back to a normal life. After digging they found that I was stock broker and a damned good one at that, I was part of a massive businesses corporation and made my first million within 5 years of being with them. But clearly that came at a price; apart from work collegues I didn’t have any friends all business contacts. No family I was an orphan from birth, the only foster family I had was the Hanson’s and they died when I was 18 not that I remember!
It was advised that I should visit my office a few times see if any memories would come back to me but nothing did, it felt so wrong, it felt like I was  intruding into someone else’s life. There was no pictures of anyone nothing personal it was like a new office that needed someone to put a personal touch to it, I would just sit there at the desk and just think was I a bad person to have no one in my life? Was I that bad that all I cared about was making money? Getting the next big deal?  Was I liked at all?
It was the fifth visit that I decided that I just don’t want that life, I didn’t want to be that person (again) I didn’t want to be alone.
With help from the rehab team I managed to get a job working in a nightclub and re-do my driving test, and with a silver Mazda rx7 sitting in an underground garage waiting to be driven I didn’t hang around in passing my test. My home was a top floor apartment above the Detroit skyline, for some unknown reason I  had a 4 bed roomed apartment, nothing in the other three bedrooms just one sparsely decorated with a king-size bed, bedside tables either side complete with lamps that’s it. it was the same for the rest of the apartment enough furniture to tell what room you were in, it was cold, it had no life no personality to it, it didn’t take long to want to sell it and I was very lucky to have a not only a buyer but a new smaller apartment in the same building to buy and move into.
And it would have of been a perfect world if it wasn’t for the fact of a few strange medical problems, even back at the hospital they couldn’t understand, but I couldn’t eat any more than a mouthful of something and I was full, anymore than that and I was ill. I could drink no problem well so long as its tea, coffee (no milk) wine or water. my doctor since leaving the hospital has been doing weekly tests and is collecting the results I was inspecting him any minute.
Bbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the intercom goes off speak of the devil, I buzz the door open, and I have a good 6 minutes till he’s made it the 5th floor, best get the coffee pot on the go!
In exactly 6 minutes dr. Darren Philips walks in and puts his large bag on wheels to the side and throws his coat over the dining room chair whilst walking towards me, I hand him his coffee and he’s just smiles and takes a deep breath in of the coffee and lets out a sigh. Any one would think he lived here!  In between the first and second sip of coffee he’s says ‘looking good rob! Mmmmm is this a new coffee brand? ‘
‘Good to see you too Darren, how’s the traffic out there? Was thinking of taking the Mazda out for a spin fancy it? I’m so hoping it says yes, it’s been a few days since I taken my test and passed and really didn’t want to take it out on my own
‘Maybe on the weekend if you not working? Oh, um this here is dr. ann. Stuart.’ He points towards the door and I notice her for the first time, she’s tall, brown short hair, she had a striking look about her high cheek bones perfect lips and blue eyes and a slim build, she was wearing the classic beige pants suit with a white blouse under the jacket, Dr.stuart was standing with her hand on her hip holding one small brief case looking me up and down?
`Hi, sorry um yes I’m ann. Stuart I will be taking over from’
I spin and look at Darren to look for an answer but by the look on his face he didn’t have one.
`Lets sit down and talk, and I can explain what’s happening’          jeez again, I bring a fresh pot of coffee and two more cups over to the dining table and sit opposite dr.stuart.
`ok so as you know I’ve been taking samples from you now for a while now and the results are well... um... shocking to say the least’ he’s joined us at the table now and is looking for the right words to say one thing about he’s easy to read. `Well.’ He continues but looking into his coffee cup. `the results show that you really shouldn’t be here so to speak, your food intake isn’t... shouldn’t be enough to keep you sustained you eat nowhere near the right about of calories per day and yet your still here bright as a button.’
`Okay? So what does that mean? Should I be taking vitamins or something?’
`no because your body doesn’t need it, it’s all very strange this is why  dr.stuart here is to help’ he looks over at her and gives her a small tight smile but she doesn’t look away from me, there was something in her eyes and if I wasn’t so bloody horny all the time I would swear it was lust.
`Dr.stuart? Do you want to explain what you would like Mr.thero to do? He could see she was lost in her train of thought and gave out a cough
` ah yes well Mr.thero regarding the results as explained they are very unusual and further studies need to be made’
`Are you a specialist in something?’  I must have said something funny cause she smiled slowly as if was some big secret to her trade; her eyes stared right at me with some dark intent behind them
`yes and no’ she says ‘ but nothing to worry about its not a disease or anything like that I’m sure my team can find out what’s going on and if any treatment is needed’ she licks her lips and not in a no one will notice sort of way in a I don’t give a shit sort of way? I do not like this dr.stuart I want her to leave but she might be the only person who can help me what choice do I have.
`ok so what would you like me to do?’ so long as it’s not taking my brain.
`just come to the gta clinic and spend a night with us, that’s all, just so we can give you more intensive tests it won’t be pleasant I’m afraid but we really need to have them done to find out what’s going on.’
`Just one night?’ hmmm only one night?
`Yes, we have a team waiting to start at 10am’
`umm sorry but I don’t finish work till 5.30 in the morning I won’t be up in time’ yes I still work I know I got money and I could stay home all day and play some sort of console all day long but I’m lonely after waking up from an 8 week coma and finding out no one cares about you because you didn’t care to know anyone made me feel really low, I hated that feeling and really wanted to get out there and have a life. So instead of a job that took me away from meeting people I chose bar work, I work in a night club called jaks that’s open till 5am.
`Oh um okay well that shouldn’t be too much of a problem unless you can’t get time off from work?
No problem there they owe a week’s worth of holidays
`No probs there’
`Right ok so would 2pm be ok for you?’
`Yes that should be fine do I need to bring anything? My medication? ‘I turn to Darren’ I’m still have that bloody water infection is there anything else you could give me to try and get rid of it?
`ah yes there is something you can try I had a feeling you might of needing something stronger, I have written you up a new script’ he gives me strange look when handing me my script but I just put it in my top shirt pocket.
`if I forgot anything just give me a bell and I will sort it okay?’ he looks quickly at dr.stuart who is still looking at me but it’s like she’s hungry, in a flash she’s back in the room
`Ok with that sorted Mr.thero I will see you tomorrow at 2pm and yes bring your meds with you and your overnight bag of course’ she says with a warm smile her first warm smile!
And with that they left.
Chapter 3
It was mid November and I must be the only person in Detroit that didn’t have a coat on! I didn’t see the need I welcomed the cold, it felt refreshing. I was on my way to work and thought I pick up my prescription first I don’t start work till 10 pm tonight but I like to hang out and talk to willow, now willow is my first real friend and my boss. She’s not what you call umm normal, willow is 4ft 7 slender with a rather large chest for her size, she loved nothing better than to flash a bit of flesh, you could never miss willow she had short funky choppy hair  with purples and blues going through it and green eyes just like me. When we first met was to have my job interview, she never asked once weather I could pull a pint or not but we sat there for hours just talking, by the next night I was working.
I stood in Harvey’s chemist waiting to be served, you can’t help but look around see if there’s anything else you need like dental floss or shampoo but nothing is there that you really want. There was   one other person waiting with me, a sweet old lady hair tightly curled but purple rain coat on and smelled of peppermint. A classic.
`I’m so sorry IV been a bit backed up today with deliveries.... oh Mr.thero and mrs.dorit how are you both? How can I help? May a lovely girl but very troubled in her own private life
`Fine thank you May, yep I have it here’
`oh and me dear!’ mrs.dorit beams at may and hands May her script as I did, May motioned us both to sit down but I let Mrs.dorit take the seats the smell of peppermint was starting to make me feel sick. It must have been about five minutes till I heard my name being called as I turned to towards the collection desk I caught Mrs. Dorit staring at me, a long intense stare just when I was about to say what you looking at she licked hers lips! It was a seductive licking of her lips! A 70 plus woman is licking her lips at me!
`Mr.thero?’ May called me breaking mrs.dorits thoughts and shaking her head
`Um yes’ was all I could manage
`Ok so here’s your medication and I don’t think this was for us?
She hands me back a one of the prescriptions I gave her
`oh right ok thanks’ I turn to walk away and look at the prescription knowing Darren he’s giving me someone else’s prescription turn it over and start looking at it  wasn’t a list of medication it was a note to me
IS Darren playing games with me? Because it’s a sick joke if he is, but how could he not know her? He must know her, how could he not? And why would he not want me to go to a clinic to get some answers? Doesn’t he want to know if there’s something wrong with me? I thought this was a good thing.  Ok so he doesn’t know her and he’s never heard of the clinic before but maybe it’s a new clinic that dr.stuart has started and she just starting to get her name out there. Would it really hurt to go and spend one night with them so they can do there tests? It’s not like they can run away with me I’m a medical mystery I’m sure someone would notice if I went missing. Only one way to find out what he meant and that was to call Darren, I call his office Darren’s receptionist hasn’t seen him come back since he left for his 3.30 appointment which was me; there’s was no answer on his cell phone. Must have finished work for the day. Best try again before I go to the clinic, as far as I’m concerned I need answers so I was going.
Jaks  was once a  mill factory down town off one of the main streets, until 4 years ago it was just a disused building, willow bought it and gave it life again, from the outside it had its neon sign JAKS!  But all the windows had been boarded up, but the inside was given the makeover of a lifetime, once you’re passed the bouncers and coat check you walk in to a big open space, you had to walk 50feet to the bar! To the left was the stage, now and again willow would have some live bands come in and play now and again but it was mostly used for a dancing area, the whole floor was mainly the dance floor, a balcony area above the front door over the dance floor was the seating area. one of the main reasons people loved to come here was the atmosphere because there is no dress code no one feels like they have to impress anyone.
Its 7.30 and willow was sat at the end of the bar with her bottle of beer waiting for me.
`Hey sugar! What did doc say?’ willow jumps down from the bar stool and gives me a hug which I have to bend down for! She’s wearing her classic black leggings and knee high boots (3inch heel) and tight grey top with a bands logo on that’s low cut and has a cut on each shoulder, silver jewellery from earrings to the bangles but a touch of makeup to highlight her eyes.
‘Best get another drink in I got something to tell you’
I tell her about the Dr. Philips visit and how this new Dr. Stuart wants me to go to her clinic for an overnight stay and about the note that dr. Philips left for me.
`That’s odd? Why would he say that? Maybe you shouldn’t go?
`Why wouldn’t I go? I have loss of memory and I’m not eating like a normal person wouldn’t you want to know if there was something wrong?’
`don’t know sugar, I mean if they say you can live on that much food then why worry, and like you said before would you really want to remember what your life was like before?’
`Yeah I know, i don’t want that life, I love the life I got now! But it’s the not knowing that’s getting me, and what if my body decides to give up or it needs more calories and I just can’t eat anymore than I do now!’
`it doesn’t sound like it hunni, what is this clinic?’
`oh umm it’s the GTA clinic’      willows face froze, her smile was replaced by a grim line, her eyes full of fear.
`Willow what is it? Do you know it? And like that she snaps out of it looking at me with one of her all time best smiles
`no sugar, thought you said vta now that’s a story but not now sugar cause the party’s starting! She says nodding towards the entrance as the first lot of customers comes walking in.

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  1. Robert is really worried....the nurse seems nice. I'm concerned about these doctors changing over and they want Robert over night yeah right more like for weeks to run tests and keep him in the dark.

    Great Start :)